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Platform Overview

Understand physical spaces and the real-time dynamics of the people and assets within.

The reelyActive technology platform makes it possible to observe who/what is where/how, in real-time, in any physical space. This is achieved by detecting and locating all the radio-identifiable devices that are present, and then representing this information in the standard language of the web.

reelyActive Platform Overview

The result is effectively a table of who/what is present, updating in real-time, and including details on the location and status of each occupant. While simple in concept, this table enables complex and wide-reaching applications, especially when stored in a database for analysis over time.

Quick Start

Choose between a hands-on or a theoretical approach

Open Architecture

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of interchangeable software and hardware components.

Tens of billions of radio-identifiable devices are shipping annually. Countless vendors, including reelyActive, offer radio-identification and location infrastructure. Pareto Anywhere, our open source middleware, translates their output into a real-time, web-standard data stream to feed any database and/or drive any web application.

Radio-identifiable devices

Representing people, products and places at a human scale

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reelyActive 915MHz active RFID tags
$500 rectangle meet $5 rectangle

Radio-identification infrastructure

Detecting & locating people, products and places at a human scale

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Owl-in-One (BLE)
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Reelceiver (915MHz)
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Middleware: the "glue" between physical and digital

Connecting countless hardware and software combinations

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Databases and analytics suites

Storing the real-time data stream and facilitating analysis over time

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Pareto Classic integration with Google Analytics
Can you measure real-world behaviour using tools designed for the web?

Software applications

Delivering efficiencies and experiences

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Generative Art with GeneraBLE

Embrace the ambient data in your space

Pareto Anywhere is pioneering open source software for real-time location and context.