Kibana integration overview

Our guide to integrating and using Kibana with our open source software.

Kibana integration overview

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

Find the information you need to install Kibana and use it for data analysis.

What's Kibana?
Kibana provides a powerful window into the data stored in Elasticsearch, including visualisations, dashboards and facilitating database queries and management.
What's Elasticsearch?
Elasticsearch is a versatile, open source database well suited to the needs of the reelyActive open source software stack.
Can I use something else?
Yes. Our software integrates well with other databases and analytics tools.

Installation tutorials

Install Kibana as part of the Elastic Stack.

Practical examples

Learn from real-world implementations.

Analytics tutorials

Visualise and analyse data with Kibana.

Where to next?

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