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Radio-frequency identification is hard.

We've embodied 20+ years of experience in our open source ecosystem to abstract away "owl" that's hard, freeing up your time to focus on meaningful application development.

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

Foundational, open source technologies by developers, for developers.

What does reelyActive develop?
reelyActive's open source technologies transform ambient wireless data into hyperlocal context ("who/what is where/how"), as web-standard JSON, enshrining technology/vendor/application-agnostic interoperability.
Why should developers care?
We believe your time as a developer is best invested in creating the applications enabled by context-aware physical spaces—not in developing the underlying technologies.
How do we work together?
Our philosophy is to provide free and open access to our software & technologies while offering paid access to our time & expertise through our packages, as required.
reelyActive open source platform overview

Ambient Data is machine-readable information at a human scale.

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Ambient Data
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Pareto Anywhere is our open source middleware.

Quick Start
npm install -g pareto-anywhere
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Pareto Anywhere by reelyActive
Step-by-Step Tutorials

Hyperlocal Context is a digital representation of a physical space and its occupants.

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