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Ambient Devices   Type 1 of 2

Radio-identifiable devices that generate ambient data in the physical spaces they occupy.

Why ambient?
Most physical spaces already have devices present which generate ambient data.
Why the tutorials & guides?
To facilitate the generation of meaningful ambient data for identification, real-time location and environmental sensing.
Ambient Devices

Espruino Devices

  • Puck.js Development Guide
    Discover and develop Puck.js applications for context-aware physical spaces using Espruino and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Arduino Devices

Minew Devices

Ambient Infrastructure   Type 2 of 2

Devices that collect ambient data in the physical spaces in which they are installed.

Why ambient?
Many physical spaces already have infrastructure installed that is capable of collecting ambient data.
Why the tutorials & guides?
To facilitate forwarding the real-time stream of ambient data to middleware such as Pareto Anywhere.
Ambient Infrastructure

HPE Aruba Networking Infrastructure

Pi Infrastructure

Minew Infrastructure

Impinj Infrastructure

Laird Infrastructure

reelyActive Infrastructure

Personal Computer Infrastructure

  • Run Pareto Anywhere on a PC
    Our step-by-step guide to install and run Pareto Anywhere on a personal computer to make any physical space context-aware.

Where to next?

Continue exploring our open architecture and all its applications.