Notman House showcase

Learn about the reelyActive platform through real-world examples.

Notman House showcase overview

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

Learn about real-time location, sensing and analytics through the examples of our Notman House showcase deployment.

What's Notman House?
Notman House is a technology hub for the Montréal startup ecosystem where our platform was first deployed in 2012.
What infrastructure?
There are 8 daisy-chained reelceivers installed over three floors.
What software?
The showcase runs both our open source software (with public APIs) and our Pareto SaaS.

Analytics integration examples

Observe occupancy patterns via industry-standard analytics platforms.

Kibana dashboard of Notman House

The window into the Elastic Stack.

Demo username: guest   password: observer

Data Studio of Notman House
Google Data Studio

Easily create and share custom reports and dashboards from Google Analytics data.

Map integration examples

Visualise real-time Notman House data on a map.

Ambiarc map of Notman House

Ambiarc generates interactive 3D maps from your floor plans, coupled with an SDK, to power digital experiences.

Visioglobe map of Notman House

Attractive, straight-forward and intuitive maps designed for fluid, fast and practical navigation.

Where to next?

Continue exploring our open architecture and all its applications.