reelyActive Technology Platform Overview
An introduction and directory to all diyActive tutorials

The reelyActive technology platform allows computers to understand and measure the real world the same way they understand and measure the web. The low-power wireless devices people and products already carry (BYOD) are identified and located by infrastructure already deployed in physical spaces (BYOI). Our software translates this data stream into the language of the web so that existing web platforms may be extended to real world applications, in real-time.

Our platform relays who/what is where in real-time, using established web standards.

Devices   Reels   Gateways   Software   Applications

Radio-identifiable "things" of the real world (BYOD)

While there are tens of billions of connected devices, there are orders of magnitude more identifiable devices. Our platform supports BYOD (bring-your-own-device) for both, identifying and locating such devices in the real-world in real-time.

Towards collective hyperlocal contextual awareness among heterogeneous RFID systems
Combining the strengths BLE and UHF passive RFID.

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
The global standard for active RFID

Billions of Bluetooth devices are shipping annually and these include smartphones which can make people anonymously or uniquely identifiable, wearables, and beacons which may be affixed to objects or to physical places.

BLE Device Identifier Reference
How are BLE devices identified?

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Integrate your Mobile Application
How to make your app visible to BLE infrastructure.

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Integrate your Product
How to make your BLE device visible to infrastructure.

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puckyActive for Puck.js
Program a Puck.js beacon to transmit sensor data.

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Sub-GHz Active RFID
reelyActive's proprietary system

Sub-GHz Active RFID is similar to BLE but operates at a lower radio frequency with better propagation characteristics and offers the benefit of security by obscurity. BLE being far more cost-effective, proprietary active RFID is typically employed only where these factors are critical.

915MHz Active RFID Tag (Americas) View in online store
868MHz Active RFID Tag (Europe) Special order only

The global standard for long-range passive RFID

RAIN RFID devices are shipping on at least an order of magnitude more than BLE, and are typically used for item-level tracking. We have demonstrated the compatibility of UHF passive RFID with our technology platform and are currently integrating the protocol into our software and libraries.


Our industrial-grade transceiver infrastructure

At reelyActive, we developed the reel architecture to reliably and cost-effectively extend infrastructure coverage over wide areas. This plug-and-play daisy-chain configuration is as simple as it is versatile.

Reel Deployment
How do I deploy reels in my physical space?

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Reel Overview
Understand and interface with our reel architecture.

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Towards a Simple, Versatile, Distributed Low-Power Wireless M2M Infrastructure
The science behind the reel and low-power wireless infrastructure.

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Bluetooth Low Energy Reelceiver View in online store
915MHz Active RFID Reelceiver (Americas) View in online store
868MHz Active RFID Reelceiver (Europe) Special order only


Gateways and Infrastructure
Third-party receiver/transceiver infrastructure (BYOI)

Our platform is unique in supporting BYOI (bring-your-own-infrastructure). Third-party gateways and smart lighting infrastructure can interface with our software.

Owl-in-One (BLE) View in online store   Configure

Connectivity for Reels
Connect a reel to our software

Install a Starter Kit
How install any of reelyActive's starter kits.

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Build your own Hub
How build your own USB or IP hub to connect our reels with our software.

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Embedded Computers
Common embedded platforms can be configured as gateways

Make a Raspberry Pi Hub
How to configure the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi as a BLE scanner and gateway.

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COTS Gateways
Commercial-off-the-shelf third-party gateways

Configure a BlueCats Edge Relay
How to configure the Edge Relay to stream data to a server running our software.

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Real-time translator of the real-world to the web

Pareto SaaS
The convenience of a hosted Software-as-a-Service

Our Pareto platform processes the data firehose from all deployments, and distributes the real-time contextual information as you define. Pareto lets you focus on solutions rather than software development.

Pareto Docs
Documentation of the Pareto platform by reelyActive.

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Event Overview
Detailed explanation of the JSON data output from Pareto.

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Connect a Websocket Client to Pareto
How to tap into the real-time data stream both server-side and client-side.

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Open Source Software
The freedom to do-it-yourself and to contribute too

We maintain open libraries for an open Internet of Things. And our open source software provides the foundation to develop for specific needs, especially in offline and small-scale applications.

Open Librairies

Decode raw BLE and RFID packets.

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Associate identifiers with products and manufacturers.

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Install an Offline Demo
Install our open source software suite on your local machine to demo even without Internet connectivity.

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Barnowl Baby Steps
Use our lowest-level software for real-time applications.

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Build Web Apps with beaver.js
How to build some pretty 'dam' useful web apps with beaver.js and a real-time 'stream' of data.

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List of all reelyActive OSS
Exhaustive list of the open source software we and our partners have developed.

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Mascot Stories
Our software packages have mascots. Those mascots have stories.

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Platform Integrations and Applications
What to do with the real-time data stream

Having translated the real world into the language of the web, our technology platform enables you to extend the power of the web back to the real world in which we live, experience and interact.

Web Applications & Visualisations
Observe real-time occupancy and behaviour data on ambient displays

Pareto Embedded Apps
Live directory, Sonar and raindrops web applications and more.

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Analytics Platforms
Collect and make sense of historical data

Google Analytics Integration
How to forward the real-time data stream from Pareto to Google Analytics for physical behaviour analysis.

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Forward Sensor Data to Initial State
How to forward sensor beacon data to Initial State for timeseries analysis.

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Artistic and Creative
Generate audio-visual experiences from ambient packet traffic

Experience Generative Art
Use real-time wireless packet traffic to generate audio-visual art.

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What's next?

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