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Documentation of the Pareto platform by reelyActive

Pareto interprets and relays real-world state to the web. At its core, Pareto represents the real-world devices of people, places and products by their radio-identifiers. By associating those devices with URLs, Pareto adds a machine-readable understanding of real-world people, places and products. As a result, Pareto outputs a real-time event stream of who/what is where, modeled on the established standards of the web.

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API: Consume data from Pareto via REST API or WebSocket.

Associations: Metadata in the form of a directory, tag, position or URL.

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Dashboard: Observe the real-time data processed by Pareto.

Embedded Apps: Discover web applications built directly on Pareto's real-time event data stream.

Analytics: Observe anonymous behaviour trends over time (enabled only during trial period).

Points of Interest: Assign metadata to deployed infrastructure and observe its status.

People and Things: Manage identifiable devices and associate metadata with people and assets.

Integrations: Forward the real-time data to third-party platforms and services.

Business Rules: Prototype applications with simple business rules.

Digital Signage: Prototype responsive content for digital signage.

Settings: Configure global settings.

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