Pareto Embedded Apps
Discover web applications built directly on Pareto's real-time event data stream

The Embedded Apps view is an exhaustive list of web applications accessible within Pareto. Embedded apps inspire answers to the question: what can be done with the real-time data?

Built on the WebSocket API

The embedded apps are built on the WebSocket API, typically using beaver.js. Consult the API documentation for details:

Read documentation   beaver.js

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Listed in alphabetical order

Discover Ambiarc: Observe real-time data on Guidekick's Ambiarc 3D mapping platform.


Hello Device: Observe a specific device, its associated metadata and its packet payload.

Hello Diract™: Observe real-time directed interactions with Diract™ and compatible Eddystone-UID beacons.


Hello Events: Observe the real-time location events streaming out of Pareto.

Hello Filters: Experiment with and tweak presence filters.

Hello Sensors: Visualise real-time sensor data.

Hello Session Duration: Observe session durations as a histogram.

Hello Tracking: Track all devices of interest.

Live Directory: Ambient visualisation of the real-time location of people and assets by zone.


Raindrops: Visualisation of real-time location events as raindrops on a map.


Receiver Status: Visualisation of receiver status in tabular form.

Sonar: Ambient visualisation of real-time occupancy by zone.


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