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The reelyActive platform recognises and represents people, products and places within physical spaces via any radio-identifiable devices they may carry. Here we'll explain how to integrate your identifiable product by ensuring it is appropriately represented on the web and associated within our platform.

Identification   Representation   Association  

Your product needs to be uniquely identifiable by radio.

Our platform currently supports the billions of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices in existence. Each of these has the potential to broadcast a unique identifier which can be recognised by devices in range, such as our reelceivers. The following examples illustrate how individual products, or products of a specific brand, are identified.

Product Identifier Type Identifier Value (Hexadecimal)
Tile 16-bit UUID feed
Samsung Products 16-bit Company Code 0075
Nexus Player 128-bit UUID cbbfe0e1f7f3420684e084cbb3d09dfc
Estimote Beacon iBeacon UUID b9407f30f5f8466eaff925556b57fe6d

If you have a Bluetooth Low Energy product, and you know the identifier it broadcasts, great! If you don't know what identifier it broadcasts, if at all, ask your engineering team. Our advlib tool may come in handy.

Don't have a Bluetooth Low Energy product? Do not despair. In future we intend to integrate RAIN RFID devices which are likely to number in the trillions!   Read on nonetheless - if nothing else you'll learn a nifty SEO trick!

Your product needs to be represented in a format that computers can understand.

Our platform understands products the same way as the major search engines: using and JSON-LD. Don't worry if those are unfamiliar terms, you don't actually need to know what they mean nor how they work!

Represent your product

All you need to do is to digitally represent your product by pasting some code into its webpage. Simply create that code by filling in the fields below, then click Export to Web.

{{json | json}}

Confirm the product representation

Did it work? Check by entering the URL of your product webpage below and pressing the button to attempt to fetch the code.


Alternative: represent your Organization

If your organization has multiple products which share the same identifier (ex: Bluetooth Company Identifier), consider instead a schema:Organization representation.

Your product identifier needs to be associated with its representation.

Our platform references the Sniffypedia project, which allows anyone to contribute structured data about products and their associated identifiers. Anyone can contribute a product to Sniffypedia, requiring only:

If you've successfully represented your product but are unable to contribute to Sniffypedia, contact us with the identifier and URL and we'll update the index.

Contribute to Sniffypedia Contact reelyActive

Our open source chickadee package will immediately recognise the product via a Sniffypedia lookup. And our Pareto platform always integrates the latest Sniffypedia index for your convenience.


What's next?

Alternatively, consider having your product broadcast an Eddystone-URL packet. In this case the association is implicit and no additional integration with our platform is required!

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