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Foundational, open source technologies by developers, for developers.

What does reelyActive develop?
reelyActive's open source technologies enable context-aware physical spaces for any application.   Ambient wireless data is transformed into hyperlocal context: "who/what is where/how".
Why should developers care?
We believe your time as a developer is best invested in creating the applications enabled by context-aware physical spaces—not in developing the underlying technologies.
How do we work together?
Our philosophy is to provide free and open access to our software and technologies while offering paid access to our time and expertise, if required.

Have a Pi?

Start by giving this a try...

Since our Raspberry Pi hack was featured in Hackaday in 2016, the ubiquitous embedded computer has consistently been developers' first choice for experimenting with our open source middleware and web apps.

This tutorial—by developers, for developers—combines "owl" we've learned and developed since then. Enjoy and let us know how we can continue making it better!

CAPSpaces Pi
Create context-aware physical spaces with a Raspberry Pi

Quick start: Pareto Anywhere

Receive ambient wireless data and explore hyperlocal context

npm install -g pareto-anywhere
Then receive ambient wireless data from     and further analyse with  

Step-by-step tutorials

Quick sample?

Try Pareto Anywhere Apps

Discover, explore, adapt and reskin these lightweight web applications bundled with Pareto Anywhere. All based on our standard Web Style Guide with minimal dependencies and using Vanilla JS.

Where to next?

Consult the directory for links to all developer content—there's plenty more!

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