A Pareto Embedded App

The Sonar embedded app provides an ambient visualisation of occupancy by zone. Sonar conveys to an observer in an instant: what areas are the most/least occupied right now?

  1. each sensor should be associated with a Directory
  2. each sensor should be associated with a Story URL which includes a name and image
  3. each sensor may be associated with a Tag indicating occupancy capacity

POI Associations

The associations for each sensor can be edited in the POI View:

Read documentation

The table provides an example of each association and a link to further documentation.

The Sonar embedded app will observe the capacity=N tag, where N is an integer representing the maximum number of person-occupants. In the absence of this tag, the maximum occupancy will be inferred.

Directory building:floor:area Read documentation
Tags capacity=10 Read documentation
Story URL Read documentation

Pareto Embedded Apps
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Embedded Apps: Discover web applications built directly on Pareto's real-time event data stream.


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