The Pareto Points of Interest View
Assign metadata to deployed infrastructure and observe its status

The Points of Interest view lists all the infrastructure assigned to the Pareto account. The Points of Interest view allows the assignment of metadata: what does each place represent?

POI Overview

Each infrastructure device, or POI, has an overview. The overview presents:

  • associated metadata
  • current status

There are three possible actions for each POI, as follows:

  • query What at? which is a shortcut to the RTLS API:
  • create a New Story
  • Edit the associated metadata, as described below

POI Edit

The metadata associated with any POI can be edited by clicking on its Edit button.

There are four properties which may be edited:

  • the associated Directory
  • the associated array of Tags
  • the Position of the device (if fixed)
  • the associated URL (story)

Edits are saved by clicking Save or cancelled by clicking Cancel. Associations enable powerful features both within Pareto and in external applications.

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