Demonstrate personnel tracking

Using a reelyActive Showcase Kit

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

Learn how to configure a reelyActive Showcase Kit to locate personnel in real time, and over time.

Only personnel?
Personnel is a catch-all term: any person (or even animal!) can be tracked with a Bluetooth beacon.
Do I need a Showcase Kit?
The demo can be accomplished with at least two gateways that run Pareto Anywhere and any third-party Bluetooth beacons.
So why buy a Showcase Kit?
The Showcase Kit is configured to demonstrate this use case out-of-the-box—without having to use a terminal or edit a line of code .

Setting up the infrastructure   Step 1 of 4

Set up the Showcase Kit to collect and visualise ambient wireless data.

Is this plug-and-play?
Yes! With a Showcase Kit, simply apply power to each device to complete this step.
What's Pareto Anywhere?
Pareto Anywhere is reelyActive's open source software suite, bundled as pi-suite for the Pi.
reelyActive Showcase Kit infrastructure setup

Establish the network of Owl-in-Ones Part 1

The three Owl-in-Ones included with a Showcase Kit ship configured to create a WiFi network among themselves, with one acting as access point (AP). Simply apply power to the Owl-in-Ones and the WiFi network will be established.

It is possible to use a single Owl-in-One for the demonstration. In this case, use the one labelled as Access Point.


Run the Pareto Anywhere software Part 2

The Pi included with a Showcase Kit ships configured to run Pareto Anywhere software, and to connect to the WiFi network of Owl-in-Ones. Simply apply power to the Pi and it will connect to the WiFi network, run the software and receive data from each of the Owl-in-Ones.

It is also possible to run Pareto Anywhere software on a laptop connected to the WiFi network (see references below).


Browse to Hello-Tracking! Part 3

The Pareto Anywhere software includes a variety of web applications, including Hello-Tracking! which visualises the real-time location of all devices in range. Browse to the hello-tracking web app based on your configuration:

to   (change xxx to the 's IP address)
/ to self

In the next step the Bluetooth beacons will be configured so that they appear in the Hello-Tracking! web app.

Configuring the beacons   Step 2 of 4

Configure the Minew E8 beacons for personnel tracking.


Configure the Minew E8 Part 1

Minew E8 tutorial.


Observe the data in Hello-Tracking! Part 2

The device should appear.

Associating and tracking a specific person   Step 3 of 4

Filter for the beacon and associate it with a specific person.


Filter for the beacon Part 1

Hello-Tracking! tutorial.

Associate a person with Story Association Part 2

Story Association tutorial.

Track the person in Hello-Transmitter! Part 3

Hello-Transmitter! tutorial.

Analysing personnel journeys over time   Step 4 of 4

Create and manipulate a personnel tracking dashboard in Kibana.


Forward data from the Pi to Elasticsearch Part 1

Hosted Elasticsearch and pi-suite tutorials.


Create an personnel tracking dashboard in Kibana Part 2

Personnel tracking dashboard tutorial.

Embrace the ambient data in your space

Pareto Anywhere is pioneering open source software for real-time location and context.

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