Hello Events!
A Pareto Embedded App

The Hello Events! embedded app facilitates the observation of the real-time location events streaming out of Pareto. Hello Events! answers the question: what events are being output by Pareto now?

  1. enter an identifier filter, if desired
  2. select the type(s) of event(s) as filter
  3. Pause and Select an event of interest to examine its properties


The controls permit filtering device detection by ID and event type. Detection can be Paused on the most recent events.

Most Recent Events

The Most Recent Events is a chronological list of events and their basic properties, which updates in real-time.

An event of interest may be Selected.

Selected Event

The Selected Event has its properties listed in a table.

Consult the Event Data Overview tutorial on diyActive for full documentation of the event data structure:

Read tutorial on diyActive

Pareto Embedded Apps
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Embedded Apps: Discover web applications built directly on Pareto's real-time event data stream.


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