Hello Device!
A Pareto Embedded App

The Hello Device! embedded app facilitates the observation of a specific device, its associated metadata and its packet payload. Hello Device! answers the question: how does Pareto recognise this device?

  1. place the device of interest adjacent to a sensor
  2. if there are multiple sensors, select the directory of the adjacent sensor as filter
  3. observe device's decoding events on screen, if any


The controls permit filtering device detection by directory and RSSI. Detection can be Paused on the most recent event.


The Visualisation is a rendering of the image associated with the Story, if any.

Event Properties

The Event Properties related to the device itself are listed in a table.

Consult the Event Data Overview tutorial on diyActive for full documentation of the event data structure:

Read tutorial on diyActive

Story (JSON-LD)

The Story associated with the device, as fetched as JSON-LD from the deviceUrl, is listed.


The tiraid of the most recent decoded packet is represented as JSON. This includes the payload which may be interpreted.

The identifier property is the result of decoding by the advlib open source software library.


Pareto Embedded Apps
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