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reelyActive's web style guide is intended to provide a simple, standard and responsive foundation for all reelyActive web pages and web applications.

a text editor shall suffice
all modern browsers supported
mobile or desktop makes no difference

Based on the Bootstrap 5 component library, compiled as bootstrappyactive.css / .js, no additional frameworks, CSS or JS are required. The only additional dependency is Font Awesome 5 (Free) for graphical icons.

It's all open source, MIT License and/or Creative Commons.

Use it, tweak it, build it

Compiled files, source code and instructions can be found on our GitHub at github.com/reelyactive/web-style-guide.


Web App Example

Web App

Used for Pareto Apps pages.

Bootstrap Components

Bootstrap Components

Examples of retained Bootstrap 5 components.

Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome Components

All retained Font Awesome Icons.


Name Table Button Badge Alert
primary table-primary bg-primary
secondary table-secondary bg-secondary
success table-success bg-success
warning table-warning bg-warning
danger table-danger bg-danger
info table-info bg-info
dark table-dark bg-dark
light table-light bg-light
ambient table-ambient bg-ambient
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