Web Bluetooth Demo

PREREQUISITES: Chrome browser with Web Bluetooth Enabled

HEADS UP Are you sure you're using the Chrome browser?




FAILED Are you sure Web Bluetooth is supported and enabled?


Selected Device Info
Yes, sadly this is all Web Bluetooth currently provides






Scan Results
If you're seeing this, then requestLEScan() finally works!


This example shows how various Bluetooth devices can be discovered from within a web browser with no app required!

The navigator.bluetooth.requestDevice() functionality is mature but is intended for connection with a specific device.

The navigator.bluetooth.requestLEScan() functionality is pending implementation and is intended for observation of all relevant devices in range — that which interests us at reelyActive.   Sadly, requestLEScan() will fail until it is implemented by your web browser.

Latest practical info about Web Bluetooth tends to be here, or dig into the draft spec.