The Pareto Dashboard
Observe the real-time data processed by Pareto

Upon login, the user is greeted with the dashboard view. The dashboard provides a graphical overview of the current state: who/what is where?

Directory filter

The dashboard filters data based on root directory. To change the directory filter:

  1. click on the caret (▼) of the green button
  2. select a root directory from the pull-down menu


The dashboard provides two perspectives of the real-time data, selectable by tab:

  • Visitors for session-based occupancy
  • Transmitters for real-time location

Follow the links below for documentation specific to the Visitors and Transmitters tabs.

Browse Documentation by Tab
There are two tab-selectable perspectives of Pareto's real-time data stream

Visitors: Observe devices likely to carried by people, on the basis of sessions.

Transmitters: Observe all radio-identifiable devices, on the basis of real-time location events.

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